I’m Exhausted!

I don’t know what it’s been about writing and work and school and life lately.  I feel tired and rushed.  The answer might have something to do with the Christmas (shopping) season arriving, but I think it is also partly because of my hap-hazard existence right now.  I feel so tired very early in the evening and I want to cry at times during the day.  And it’s not even because something’s annoying me.  I’m just… I don’t know!

Although, my eye whatever came back and the eye doctor said it’s not pink eye.  I have bumps under my eyelids from some kind of allergic reaction and that’s what causing my eyes to have that ‘pink eye’ like symptoms.  Am I allergic to waking up?  I could believe that.

My work is tiring me out because the receptionists are quitting and the insurance and billing coordinator is quitting, and they asked me to cover the front desk in the evening, instead of me working in the back with my doctor.  Which pissed me off, but I agreed only until the end of December.  I sent a higher up an email informing them of this fact.  We’ll see if she is ‘offended’ by my standing up for myself, and we’ll see if this gets me in trouble.

I think that’s all coming together to make me more tired, an angry, and just… over it.  What can I do to help myself?

And on that note, it’s been real!

God Save the Teacher (& Me)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my class, or what we’ve been doing so far.  At the moment, we’re in our third module, which we will complete officially tomorrow.  It was a little rough; we had a different teacher, but she was a gem, and took pity on us when it came to the work.  And I must thank God for her patience, for the stupid questions did not cease.

There is one girl in my class who has about as much brain between her ears as a politician has a heart in his body.  Nunce.  Every single time she hands in something to be graded, she asks our teacher, “Am I failing?”

Our teacher will say, “Yes, you are… just kidding!”

“Oh, NO!” my fellow student will moan in a sing-song fashion before my teacher can say she’s joking.  And she’s done that since day one of class.  Sometimes twice in the same day.  Finally, last week, I had enough.  My teacher was grading her test, she asked the same question, got the same answer, and proceeded with the same response.

I asked, “Why do ask the same question when you know she’s going to mess with you?”  She got no retort or defense back.  We’ll be staying with this teacher for the next module which begins next week (Thanksgiving week).  Thankfully, the class they are starting out with is one I transferred out of, so I don’t have to make an appearance at all next week.  Yay!  And then I got out of another class and lowered my tuition some more.  Which means when those classes arrive, I can either have extra free time, or work a little more.  Which sometimes, I would rather do than share the same classroom with her.

And on that note, it’s been real!

Quizzes, Tests, & Life

Now, this is only my second week of school, but since it’s an accelerated program, there is a test or a quiz, or both every two days, and sometimes every day.  Our teacher has been good about going over all our tests and studying each question and answer thoroughly before she hands them to us.  We go over the homework together and all complain equally about how the book frequently doesn’t have half of what’s on the paper.  All of us, except one.

The first time I saw this woman, I thought, “Wow!  She’s already pissed and the class hasn’t even started yet!”  Then I realized she just suffered from ‘resting b*tch face’.  She’s not mean or anything, she just looks annoyed about something all the time.  And apparently, she has a reason to be.  While I was sitting in the computer lab at lunch, taking a test/survey online, my teacher sat next to me.  She told me that she had a discussion with some of the senior faculty and staff about how anti-social and irritated my fellow classmate has been.  We’ve offered to go over the same homeworks together, but she doesn’t join us.  She then asks us questions about that homework after we’ve all finished and turned it in.  Which is slightly annoying.

When class was over and done and she had packed up and left, my teacher told all of us that she did not do well on the three tests we took today.  Apparently, the rest of us all got in the A range of grading, except for her, and she was not happy about it.  But, she doesn’t study with us, and we don’t know if she even studies at home.  Now, there have been times where I forget to study, and I’m cramming it in right before the paper is put on my desk.  But I’ve still got A’s, and that’s what my teacher and the school are looking for.  It was kind of sad, but she is disconnected from the rest of us and chooses to be that way.  My teacher said she felt bad, but she didn’t want us to feel obligated to bring her into our circle anymore if she didn’t want to be there.  When our modules start getting harder, it will feel like that one saying: “You don’t have to out run the bear; you just have to out run the other guy.”  She will become that ‘other guy’ to us, but it’s her own fault.

And on that note, it’s been real!