Oh, This? It’s Just a Hobby…

In the ‘About Me’ part of my blog, I mentioned that I enjoyed watching anime.  I also like going to conventions when they have them in my city.  They are soo much fun and it’s nice to dress up and be somebody else for a day or two.  Usually two.  The conventions are three days long, and I try to dress as two different people on two different days.  Sometimes I go on the third day, and sometimes I don’t.

I’ve been going since 2014 and it has been a blast every time.  My first year I went as Korra, from Legend of Korra, the continuation of the Avatar: Last Airbender series.SAMSUNG  I got so many, “Hey!  Waterbender!”  I would spin around and almost karate chop somebody (just kidding).  It was nice to be recognized.

My second year, my brother went with me and we did a couple sort of dress up.  Some of you might know the anime, Black Butler.  He was Sebastian Michaelis, the butler; and I was Ciel Phantomhive, the master.  (FYI, that guy is not my brother.  Just a random dude who asked to hold me.)IMG_20150417_132146620  We got recognized and stopped all day.  It was superb!  After that, we got an email saying there was an 18+ only convention in December for anime, that was sort of an extension of Tekko.  We went to it, met a voice actor we both really loved, got autographs and pictures to remember it by.

My third year of Tekko, my brother and I dressed separately.  He went as another character from an anime, and I went as Black Widow one day, and Loki in his Stuttgart suit and cane the next day.  I actually got chased down by a Thor.  How could you not runaway from some big, blonde dude, who screams, “Brother!” at the top of his lungs?  I turned and ran.  Everyone thought it was funny.

For Sangawa second year around, I was old enough to participate in the sake tasting.  It was marvelous, and I was hungover the next day.  Yeah…  I will still be going again this year.  It was fun last year: sampling sake, meeting random people, and sitting out in the hallway talking till almost 2:00 a.m.  It was fun, I met knew people and my brother and I can talk to them whenever we go to these conventions.  I’ll bring you guys up to date on the next convention I go to, because they are so much fun!

And on that note, it’s been real!

Clubbing: You Only Live Once

I am not a party animal.  Little known fact for today.  I have never snuck out to a club, was never involved in high school parties (I was home schooled), and no underage drinking or drugs took place.  I was dedicated to graduating high school so I could do whatever I wanted after the fact.  Now, I am going back to school for dental assistant, but I feel I have not experienced most of what young adults experience even before they go to college.

I get asked all the time if I want to go to a strip club, or anything like that after work.  My usual response is, “No.”  However, a week or so ago, my one coworker asked if I wanted to go to a club in the city with her.  I told her I would not be opposed to a regular club.  I could wear a cute mini skirt or little dress and just watch.  I would drink, chat, and possibly dance, but I think the main reason I want to go to a club would be to observe humanity.  As a writer, I like to see people in their natural settings and see how they react to certain stimuli.  Not to say that I won’t participate at all.  Give me a few drinks, and I will talk your ears off.

Yeah, me going to a night club or a casino would not be for me to experience it from an individual standpoint.  I would have to experience it from a community standpoint; what are other people thinking and feeling around me?  I know that most people want to be participators in life instead of just being observers; but… I don’t know if I’m personally ready to participate in life.  Not yet, at any rate.

And on that note, it’s been real!