Amazon in Middle Earth?

Alright, if you don’t know that Amazon bought the rights to Middle Earth and plan on doing a pre-pre series to both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings; have you been living on Mars?

Amazon/Middle Earth

For those of you who are not informed, that is a link to an article covering Amazon purchasing the rights and some speculations.  I’ve got mixed emotions about the whole thing.  When it comes to the two sets of trilogies, I do get a kick out of them.  That’s only because my sister sits next to me and we decide that Boromir, Merry and Pippin need a motor boat to get to the Falls of Rauros, and the balrog is now Billy Bob Balrog.  That aside, I enjoy them, but I am aware of when they have deviated from the book.  Tom Bombadil, for instance.  The character is a jolly, but powerful individual that Peter Jackson left out!  They left him out!  Him and his beautiful and equally resourceful wife, Goldberry.  Gone!  Cut from the universe!  I’ll start ranting if I continue, so I will move on.

Anyway, Amazon said they planned on doing a prequel series to even The Hobbit, which probably means they will attempt to do The Simarillion.  The Simarillion is even longer than The Lord of the Rings, which makes it perfect series material.  Of course, that also depends on how Amazon decides to represent it.  Will they follow verbatim what Tolkien put down?  Or will they follow in Peter Jackson’s footsteps and take creative license?  The epic story tells the tale of Beren and Luthien, the two characters upon which Tolkien built his universe.  Many fascinating characters live within The Simarillion besides Beren and Luthien.  There is Huan, the Hound of the Valar and companion of both Beren and Luthien.  There is Tevildo, the feline cohort of Morgoth (the Valar have hounds and Morgoth has cats), and arch-enemy of Huan.  Carcharoth, one of the wolves in the service of Morgoth, and the creature responsible for biting off the hand of Beren that was holding one of the Simarillions.  Loosely based off the Nordic myth when Fenrir bit off the hand of the god, Tyr.

The story as a whole is a long romantic tragedy, that just manages to have a happy ending .  Beren, a mortal man, falls in love with Luthien, and elven princess.  Her father doesn’t want him to marry her, so he says in order for him to grant his permission, Beren must retrieve one of the Simarillions from the crown of Morgoth.  Basically a suicide mission.  But being a determined woman, Luthien escapes her father and joins Beren and Huan on their quest to steal one of the powerful stones.  The Simarillion has enough plot for Amazon to make a series out of it.  Now, let’s just see if they make a good one.

And on that note, it’s been real!

Middle Earth Men = Sexy

This one is for the women out there.  I was under ten-years-old when The Lord of the Rings trilogy came out and I obviously couldn’t go to the theater to see it.  I had to get older and read the books before I could see the movies.  Anywhoo… when I did finally read the books and was allowed to watch the movies, I enjoyed them immensely.  I was a teenager at the time, so of course, I was attracted to the good looking men on screen.  And for those of you who like him, I’m sorry, Legolas was never an option for me.  My older sister had a long standing crush on him, and I felt like he was forever tainted because of it (ha, ha, ha!).

When I first watched the trilogy, I was interested in guys like Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir, and Eomer.  They were just so cute!  As I got older, and The Hobbit came out, my tastes narrowed a little bit.  I don’t really care for elves.  Sorry, just don’t.  Maybe it’s their cold exteriors and arrogant attitudes?  Just a thought.  I preferred the men and the dwarves (The Hobbit) for sure.  Now that we’re all adults, I asked my younger sister who she liked.  Of course, the elves were not on her list either.  Her list was as follows:

The Lord of the Rings

  1. Boromir (Sean Bean)
  2. Faramir (David Wenham)
  3. Eomer (Karl Urban)
  4. Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen)

The Hobbit

  1. Thorin (Richard Armitage)
  2. Fili (Dean O’Gorman)
  3. Kili (Aidan Turner)
  4. Bard (Luke Evans)

In the grand scheme of things, MY list for both is below:

  1. Thorin/Boromir (I can’t pick, so don’t make me)
  2. Fili
  3. Faramir
  4. Eomer
  5. Kili
  6. Aragorn

Sorry!  Bard didn’t make my cut.  The men all have a passion for something, and the same goes for the dwarves.  The elves are just kind of bleh.  No offense to them if they actually do something good, but there isn’t much else to them.  Legolas was better in The Lord of the Rings than in The Hobbit.  Just as a person, I mean.

But, the guys my sister and I picked are sexy men, who can fight, and kick orc ass!  Because they’re SO long, we only watch them every once in a while.  We tend to tell each other when we’re about to do it though, because we enjoy the other’s company and commentary throughout.  I am probably due to watch them here again soon, and my younger sister and I will gush over the cute guys and crack jokes for the entire 3 hours of each movie.  We have way too much fun!

And on that note, it’s been real!