A New Step in Life’s Journey

So, yesterday I took a big step in my future: I started my Dental Assistant classes!  There are only six students in the class, including myself, and I like the small size.  The teacher can spend more time with each of us, and I like that all the ladies are my age or older.  They seem to be more mature, but still fun loving.

School was pretty much how I remember it being: the teacher took attendance, handed out a few printed papers, then told us to open our books.  We took turns reading and explanations were given for certain things that needed to be dealt with indepth.  I actually rather enjoyed doing the in-classroom work.  Doing ‘homework’ is always so challenging because it’s at home, and you can putz around all you want and never actually get any work done.  I already turned in today’s homework yesterday before I left, and I will try to do that as often as I can to avoid distractions while at the ol’ homestead.

But otherwise, I was pleased when I left and I called my office as I was driving home.  I spoke to my manager and the billing coordinator.  They were pleased to hear from me and to learn that I was already pretty excited about school.  I even poked a little fun at one of the doctors, who I knew would be eating his lunch around that time.  It was nice.  It sort of made me feel settled and calm on the inside, even though I was bursting with energy and zeal on the outside.

And on that note, it’s been real!

Last Day! Whoo Hoo!

This one is going to be quick because… today is my last day!

The schedule is short because I only have one doctor, and my coworkers want to take me out for a parting drink after work.  I am feeling a little sad to say goodbye to people who have been very supportive of me the last three years.  With a few exceptions, I’ve liked working with them, and will be upset that I won’t be working with them like I used to.

I cleaned up my desk area yesterday.  It was a smidge depressing, but mostly fun.  I like organizing and it was good to see certain cluttered areas get de-cluttered.  Another thing to pick my spirits up, what girl can say no to a drink with some funny ladies?

And on that note, it’s been real!