The Fault in the Faculty

Today, we have to give five minute demonstrative speeches for our class.  I used to be a member of Toast Masters International, so I’m fine with giving a speech.  However, we’ve got one of the school’s big shots trying to sit in on our speeches today.  She smiles at us whenever she comes across us, but she’ll tell our teacher to dock us points for attendance (we left like ten minutes early, big whoop), and not to give us 100% on our speeches, because it’s impossible for somebody to do that good a job apparently.  I declare!

I’ll have you know, madam, that I am a very good speaker (if I like what I’m yapping about).  Our teacher told us that she said not to give us 100%, we were all affronted, and started planning like little minions.  One girl actually thought we were supposed to have our speeches yesterday, so she had all her supplies.  She gave it already, but the rest of us are going to have to give ours today.  This executive doesn’t know when we’re giving these speeches; just that we’re supposed to do them today.  We’re all evil; we want to sneak them in before she arrives at the school.  That way, when she does stick her head into our classroom, our teacher can tell her we’re already done.

Sorry, lady.  But when you try to tell a teacher to take points off for things, and not to give 100% scores, even though they are rightfully earned, is pathetic.  Thanks, but no thanks!  And I fully intend to wow people today with my speaking.  Like I said, I’m a chatter box if it’s something I enjoy.

And on that note, it’s been real!

I’ve Got It Good

So, my first day back to school started out a little crazy because I had forgotten that I had a quiz… or two… plus a chapter test to take after Labor Day.  Needless to say, I was freaking out on the inside, but calmly asking (like everybody else) to go over the material before we took it.  My teacher (the sweetheart that she is), agreed and went over everything in detail.  When we finished and she handed us the quiz, I could feel my heart beating rather wildly.  However, despite my trepidation, I completed the quiz in record time and turned it in.  After a few minutes, she returned it to me with 100% grade!  Yay for me!  I was so pleased.  Now, let’s start going over the material for the second quiz…

The second quiz was re-studied, taken, and once more, returned with a perfect grade.  Well, the breathing was definitely getting easier, but there was still the chapter test to take and put under my belt.  The studying for that took a little longer, and most assuredly had me more concerned.  However, it was once again not needed.  The morning went swimmingly with THREE important papers tagged and bagged with good grades.

After that, the director of the school took me aside and gave me some pretty good news.  Sort of like the icing on the cake.  Since I had already gone to a vocational school for the class that I am currently taking while I was in high school, some of my credits transferred over.  He told me he would send those to the financial woman, she would do the deduction, and I would owe less to the school for my program.  I was psyched!  I technically don’t even have to come in to go over the things we’re currently doing in class, but I will still so that I can get a refresher.  But at least, from here on out, I don’t have to worry about studying so hard for everything.  Sure, I still want to kick *ss in the grades department, but I’m not being graded for my work, because the school is saying it has already been done.  Which is nice for me.  I’ll just focus a little more on the nitty gritties at the office when I work there after school.

All in all, my holiday was ‘meh’, but the first day back to school was ‘great’!  I am very pleased with myself and hope to continue my good luck streak for rest of the year.  Although, knock on wood, don’t tempt the Fates!

And on that note, it’s been real!