The Bitch Is Back!

Today is a big day for me, because after I’m done with school and my homework, I get to go back to my office for training/work this evening.  I will be happy to see my other doctor again and his assistant, because I consider them to be both my friends.  I know that my doctor is technically my employer, but before I left for school, he gave me a hug and thanked me for being such a good employee.  I may have mentioned that in a previous post.

Today, I get to see a few more people I haven’t seen in a little while (people who didn’t appear in the lower office when I dropped by last week).  But… that will also mean I will probably see HER.  That’s right, the woman who f*cked me over so she could go on vacation.  My manager will be gone tomorrow and for the rest of this week.  She is on a trip now.  I will probably see the insurance and billing person, and my one-time trainee will be the front desk person tonight.  I will be arriving just as that woman should be leaving.  I will not be the one to initiate first contact.  She will have to address me.  And, as I have said before, the conversation will not a pretty one.

Screw me once, shame on you; screw me twice, shame on me.  I should have spoken out against her going again, and I wound up paying for it.  Now, she’ll have to suffer the consequences of her own ill-begotten actions.

I probably won’t write about exactly what happened until Thursday.  That’s when our first meeting in detail will be posted.  I’m dreadfully curious to find out what she has to say for herself.  If she discovered how angry I was at her, and how I basically schooled the new girl to not help her out.  Hey, Fate is a cruel mistress, and Revenge an equally cruel master.  That’s just one of my many methodologies.

And on that note, it’s been real!

It’s Back to Work! On Labor Day?

Okay, first of all, this was not for Labor Day, this was for this past weekend when I went back to my restaurant after having been off for two weeks.  The first night was the night from hell, as I suspected it would be.  One of the servers was late, so she lost most of the tables in her section to everyone else.  We were down a person behind the bar, and then every living creature under the sun wanted to sit in every other spot but the one where I needed to put them.  I was basically running around like a mad person.  My head hurt, and my back ached terribly by the end of the night, and I only rewarded myself with one drink at the bar when it was all said and done.

On Saturday night, things were a little easier.  I was still mumbling things under my breath with people were being difficult.  I tend to say things like:

  • You will sit here and you will like it.
  • Just walk by me; I dare you.
  • You ignore me; it’s a two way street, honey.
  • (They say, “I’m sorry.”)  Me: No, you’re not.

It’s actually little phrases like that that wind up keeping me calm when I want to scream at them and tell them what big idiots they are.  My therapist actually recommends it, in place of physical violence ;).  In fact, I recommend it everyone.  If there is somebody or everybody who is pissing you off, just say something really nasty about them under your breath, and you’ll be fine a second later.  Good therapy!

Anywhoo, I hope that everyone here has a wonderful Labor Day that is labor free.

And on that note, it’s been real!

She Probably Knows

Alright, so I stopped in at my office partially to say ‘hello’ and partially to get a copy of a certification so I could avoid doing a stupid three hour test at school later this year or next year.  My manager and one of the doctors, the billing lady, and two hygienists greeted me as I entered the downstairs office.  I gave them a little update on schooling (I had only been in for three days), and asked for the copy of the certification.  We talked and told some jokes, before my replacement receptionist came down.  She and I hugged and talked (she wants to hang with me because I’m so cool), then she had to go back upstairs to work.

While I was there, I was a little worried the other receptionist (the one who screwed me over) would come down and try to greet me.  Thankfully, she didn’t.  I texted the one hygienist who had been in the office, and asked her if she had known I was there.  She responded by saying the b*tch hadn’t known I was there the entire time.  She apparently also asked if I had come upstairs at all.

Um… no, I didn’t come up because I didn’t want to see you!  I know that we will have to talk eventually if we are to work together when I come back; and one of the hygienists said we had to talk.  However, I want the talk to be on my terms.  Those terms are as follows:

  1. No buffer.  No manager or doctor, or anybody else to stand between me and the woman, who has been such a pain in my *ss.
  2. She does not get a word in edgewise until I’ve said my peace.  And I’ve got a peace to say.

And my actual terms of the talk are:

  1. She and I are not friends.  She does not try to be buddy-buddy with me.  If she does, I will guillotine her.
  2. Our relationship is strictly business.  She hands me things, I hand them back.  She tells me when patients are here, and does not ask me for help.  WITH ANYTHING!
  3. She does not ask about me on a personal level.  She tries to find out anything about me, what I’m doing, or how school’s going, she will hear from me (on a nuclear level).
  4. She does not ask me to cover shifts for her.  I don’t care if her daughter ‘has’ a dance recital, or her son ‘has’ a baseball game; she’ll have to ask my replacement, or miss it.

Sounds harsh, I know; but as I have said before, I’m not a forgiving person.  I had to put all my plans on hold because she had lied and gone on a practically three month vacation.  On a scale of 1 – 10, how high do you think my tolerance is for her right now?  Negative numbers.  Already, she is going to have to (if she’s still at the office), work the entirety of the Christmas break by herself!  I’m not coming in, her replacement is going back to her home state, and my manager and the billing lady want some time off as well.  So, as the old proverb says, “Sink or swim!”

And on that note, it’s been real!

Dr. Google Will See You Now

The Internet is equal parts informative and idiotic.  You can learn new things from looking it up on the Internet, and other times, you just make yourself a little more stupid.  Not going to lie; I’ve looked up something on the Internet, made a statement about it, and was made a fool of when I was corrected.  I have since learned to be more discerning and find out from multiple sources whether it is the truth or a misconception.

Now, what I find particularly hilarious, is when patients walk into an office, and say they have this certain ailment.  The assistant or the doctor asks them why they think they have that.  “Oh, I looked it up on Google.”  … crickets …

Do you have any idea how stupid you look to the doctor when you say that?  Incredibly, powerfully, monumentally, and insanely a few plums short of a pie.  That kind of stupid.  Google is a wonderful place.  But may I also remind you that it was the building block for Tinder, Tumblr, and a whole slew of other sites most people would like to forget they were ever a part of.  So… the next time you are feeling ill, and want a ‘first opinion’, don’t go to Google.  Unlike your doctor, Google doesn’t have a Ph.D.  Okay, maybe it does.  But it actually stands for ‘Published Health Distortion.’

And on that note, it’s been real!

Ani-view: Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

Alright, so I am introducing a new concept since I mentioned that I love anime so much.  This will be the first review on anime that I will do.  Hence why it is called ‘ani-view’.  The first anime I will be reviewing is called “Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok.”  It was the first official anime I ever watched.  I stumbled on it when I was exploring Hulu, and since it said ‘Loki’ (and I love Loki), I was curious.  The anime is about Loki, the Norse God of Mischief.  He has been cast out of Asgard and down to Midgard in the body of a child.  So, he blends in.  He starts a detective agency, with his butler, Yamino (actually one of his sons, Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent); and a silly mortal girl, Mayura.

The adventures they go on always center around Norse myths, as other gods and monsters enter the human world.  However, Loki and Yamino have to keep Mayura in the dark at all times.  They cross paths with Thor, now called Narugami, who has to work an array of part-time jobs in order to pay rent on his apartment.  The cases are always dangerous and quirky, and Loki’s relationship with Mayura is fascinating.

Several times, Odin (who never actually makes an appearance) sends others to kill Loki.  He originally sens Thor (Narugami), to kill Loki, but he refuses when he realizes that Loki is no threat as a child.  After him, Heimdall, the Watcher God, attempts to kill Loki for revenge for his missing eye.  His threat against Loki targets Mayura once or twice, which does not sit well with Loki.  After failing many times, Heimdall and Loki come to an understanding.  Next, he sends Wyrd, Verdandi, and Skuld, the Norse Goddesses of Fate.  They each take turns trying to kill him, and each time they fail.  Eventually, they also realize that it is an exercise in futility.  Finally, one more person attempts to kill Loki, but it is not at the behest of Odin.  It is more personal as it is Hela, Loki’s only daughter.  Her motives are vague at first, but after a while, it is revealed that she is unhappy about the neglect she believes she suffered at his hands.

The battle they could have had was averted because Loki chose to deal with her alone.  Spoiler alert!  She dies in his arms, content that he did love her.

All in all, the anime was a good anime to start out with.  I enjoyed it and was upset when they did not make a second season (typical).  Especially since they left the first season with a very obvious lead into ‘a’ second season.  One of these years at Tekko, I will have to dress as Loki from this anime, and see if anybody recognizes me.  😉

If you ever watch anime and haven’t seen it, or would like to watch anime, I do recommend “Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok”.

And on that note, it’s been real!

A New Step in Life’s Journey

So, yesterday I took a big step in my future: I started my Dental Assistant classes!  There are only six students in the class, including myself, and I like the small size.  The teacher can spend more time with each of us, and I like that all the ladies are my age or older.  They seem to be more mature, but still fun loving.

School was pretty much how I remember it being: the teacher took attendance, handed out a few printed papers, then told us to open our books.  We took turns reading and explanations were given for certain things that needed to be dealt with indepth.  I actually rather enjoyed doing the in-classroom work.  Doing ‘homework’ is always so challenging because it’s at home, and you can putz around all you want and never actually get any work done.  I already turned in today’s homework yesterday before I left, and I will try to do that as often as I can to avoid distractions while at the ol’ homestead.

But otherwise, I was pleased when I left and I called my office as I was driving home.  I spoke to my manager and the billing coordinator.  They were pleased to hear from me and to learn that I was already pretty excited about school.  I even poked a little fun at one of the doctors, who I knew would be eating his lunch around that time.  It was nice.  It sort of made me feel settled and calm on the inside, even though I was bursting with energy and zeal on the outside.

And on that note, it’s been real!

Oh, This? It’s Just a Hobby…

In the ‘About Me’ part of my blog, I mentioned that I enjoyed watching anime.  I also like going to conventions when they have them in my city.  They are soo much fun and it’s nice to dress up and be somebody else for a day or two.  Usually two.  The conventions are three days long, and I try to dress as two different people on two different days.  Sometimes I go on the third day, and sometimes I don’t.

I’ve been going since 2014 and it has been a blast every time.  My first year I went as Korra, from Legend of Korra, the continuation of the Avatar: Last Airbender series.SAMSUNG  I got so many, “Hey!  Waterbender!”  I would spin around and almost karate chop somebody (just kidding).  It was nice to be recognized.

My second year, my brother went with me and we did a couple sort of dress up.  Some of you might know the anime, Black Butler.  He was Sebastian Michaelis, the butler; and I was Ciel Phantomhive, the master.  (FYI, that guy is not my brother.  Just a random dude who asked to hold me.)IMG_20150417_132146620  We got recognized and stopped all day.  It was superb!  After that, we got an email saying there was an 18+ only convention in December for anime, that was sort of an extension of Tekko.  We went to it, met a voice actor we both really loved, got autographs and pictures to remember it by.

My third year of Tekko, my brother and I dressed separately.  He went as another character from an anime, and I went as Black Widow one day, and Loki in his Stuttgart suit and cane the next day.  I actually got chased down by a Thor.  How could you not runaway from some big, blonde dude, who screams, “Brother!” at the top of his lungs?  I turned and ran.  Everyone thought it was funny.

For Sangawa second year around, I was old enough to participate in the sake tasting.  It was marvelous, and I was hungover the next day.  Yeah…  I will still be going again this year.  It was fun last year: sampling sake, meeting random people, and sitting out in the hallway talking till almost 2:00 a.m.  It was fun, I met knew people and my brother and I can talk to them whenever we go to these conventions.  I’ll bring you guys up to date on the next convention I go to, because they are so much fun!

And on that note, it’s been real!