If Looks Could Kill

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘if looks could kill’ to describe how somebody is looking at another.  My face has been described as a pallet of emotions.  Sometimes, I’m good at hiding my feelings and not letting somebody know how much I despise them.  Other times, I’m sure they take a step back as I slowly start to melt their skin like acid with just my glare.  I have certain expressions for certain people and sometimes, that’s the only one they see (probably because they’re always *ssholes).  These are my expressions and they apply to these people.

Mildly bored: my eyebrows quirk ever so slightly and my mouth struggles to not open in a yawn.  A tend to lean back in a sort of stretch in my seat, or on my heels, and I heave a tired sigh.  This applies to people who take a long, Long, LONG time to ask for something.  That and people who don’t speak very good English, and they don’t bother to try to enunciate.  Perfect example would be an Asian patient (who is already demanding and imagines things) a few nights ago at my office.  She called and I had a difficult time hearing her and she talked fast, even though I told her to repeat and slow down.

Slightly amused: my lips twitch as I attempt not to openly smirk.  My eyes crinkle a little and the muscles in my cheeks also quiver.  I tend to lean forward, a show of interest.  This expression happens when I see something that tickles my funny bone; usually with children who do something silly, or adults who do something stupid.  I usually make this face when people sit themselves at the restaurant, ignoring my sign (which, in turn, makes me ignore them).

Irritated: my brows furrow and my mouth twists up.  My eyes narrow and my facial muscles pinch.  I kind of look like a sexy lemon.  My shoulders will tense up, and I’m like a bow string pulled taught.  I tend to get this way with people who are brick walls and don’t want to comprehend the words that I am saying.  Patients who want what they want when they want it, usually illicit this response from me.  Them, and the customers at my restaurant who challenge me whenever I lay down the law.  Like the Incredible Bulk this past weekend.  He was definitely getting the irritated look.

Sadly sad: my eyes droop and the corners of my lips take a downward turn.  Almost all the muscles of my face seem to be pulled down by gravity.  My shoulders sag and my pupils become red/wet.  I never cry in public, but sometimes, when things are really sh*tty, I look like I’m about to.  I’m sure I looked like that when a patient yelled at me in front of my manager and said I was terrible at my job, even though this was the first time we had interacted with each other.  Real tears came after I was in the office and could call her a fat cow.

Flirty: I haven’t been flirty in a while, but whenever I am, my one eyebrow goes up, and my mouth forms a smirk.  My head tilts casually to one side, exposing my neck a little bit; the universal sign of interest.  As I said, I’m not normally flirty.  The only times I am is if an attractive or chivalrous man pays me a compliment and talks to me.  I did that when a middle-aged, but handsome man asked me if the little flowers he had brought for a first date were appropriate.  I said it was very gentlemanly of him, and that I liked it, complete with flirty expression and head tilt.

Everyone has those faces they make for certain people, particular situations, or just expressing what they feel inside.  Sometimes, people are good at wearing masks and keeping themselves hidden from the rest of the world; and others are an open book.  Which one are you?

And on that note, it’s been real!

Author: aubreycass

I am an imaginative realist. Those seem the best words to describe myself. I look at the world through a microscope and enjoy laughing while doing so. The stupidest things can both annoy and amuse you.

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