Call Me Later; I’m Dead

I really seem to get sick easy.  No clue why that is.  I got sick about a month and a half ago with chills, scratchy throat, runny nose and feeling like my head was about to explode.  It was not fun.  And even after my other ailments had been and gone, I still had a runny nose for at least three weeks after that.  Again, NOT FUN!

So this past Sunday evening, my one nostril started running.  I was all like, “This again?!”  I went to bed that night knowing I was going to be sick the next day.  Sure enough, I woke up at 4:30 with a head that was full of built up pressure, and a full-on dripping snozel.  Oh, joy!  Anyway, I still got myself out of bed at 6:00 when my alarm went off, and dragged my *ss to school, did that till after 1:00 in the afternoon, then came home to study, then went to work at 5:00.

One of my coworkers, when she found out I was sick, asked me, “Why are you here?”  In the nicest possible way.  I worked, shivered, blew my nose, and was more than happy to come home when everybody was done.  I ate my mom’s famous rice and beans, took a hot shower, swallowed a Motrin, and crawled into bed like a slug.  My sister kept telling me to just to call my teacher and tell her I was sick.  I said if I was still feeling sh*tty the next day, I would go in, be miserable (without being b*tchy), and have her send me home after she had marked my attendance for the day.  See?  I would like people to know that I at least put the effort in.

However, I was feeling marginally better when I woke up the next day.  I actually slept well through the night, and felt well enough to go to school, do my prophy competence, do a large bulk of homework, and try to start our scheduling program without the shivers of the previous day.  I did, however, still have that pesky, waterworks nose.

And on that note, it’s been real!

Author: aubreycass

I am an imaginative realist. Those seem the best words to describe myself. I look at the world through a microscope and enjoy laughing while doing so. The stupidest things can both annoy and amuse you.

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