Sharpe’s Series: The Napoleonic War Down A Rifle Barrel

Now, most people would think that I would be too young to know what this series is about.  But, I’m not.  Well, I kind of am, but I’m cultured.  My dad mentioned it to me because “That guy who played Boromir in LOTR is the main character.  You might like it.”  I finally asked my brother if he saw them at the library to pick them up for me.  He returned with two episodes.  Episode 3 and Episode 4.  There are sixteen total.  I started watching them out of order, but was hooked with Episode 3.  Before they were this show, they were books, and I got the first book for my birthday, and read it in twenty-four hours.  My siblings just started getting me the books, and I know have eleven books, and five of the episodes.  I will explain what each episode is eventually, but right now, I think I’ll just talk about the main characters of the show.

Sean Bean is Richard Sharpe.  Richard Sharpe is the son of a prostitute, who grew up in an orphanage and volunteered for the army in order to fill his sergeant’s quota.  He was cruelly treated by that same sergeant, Sgt. Hakeswill, and his commanding officer, Cpt. Morris.  Sharpe was able to escape from them and he saved Sir Arthur Wellesley’s life.  The Commander of the British Forces on the Continent (Spain), then made Sharpe a lieutenant.  Since Sharpe is not an officer, he is looked down upon by the other officers because he is not ‘a gentleman’.  Sharpe doesn’t take crap from other people; if they are below him, he plays rough until they bend; if they are above him, he hides his disrespect beneath a layer of subtle sarcasm.  Sean Bean played the rule-breaking, rough-around-the-edges British Rifleman to a tee.  And he was certainly a heart throb.

Darragh O’Malley is Patrick Harper.  Patrick Harper is an Irishman, who joined the King’s Army so that he might not go hungry.  When he first meets Sharpe, the two start off as enemies: Sharpe disliking Harper for disrespecting him, and Harper disliking Sharpe because he’s not a proper officer.  After beating each other up, Harper starts to point stuff out and Sharpe listens to him.  Harper soon realizes that Sharpe is asset because he is an officer, but also used to be a common soldier.  Sharpe repeatedly tells his men, “That I know every dirty trick.  Why?  Because I was one of you.”  Harper soon becomes Sharpe’s most loyal friend and comrade-in-arms.  His position is very important because he finds himself frequently watching Sharpe’s back in fights.

The Sharpe Series became a treat for me at night when dinner and the kitchen were done, right before I went to bed.  I enjoyed the history, and the characters (the heroes) were all lovable and quirky in their own way.  I still have to collect the rest of the episodes and I am still missing a few books.  Well… my sibs know what to get me for birthdays and Christmas!

And on that note, it’s been real!


Author: aubreycass

I am an imaginative realist. Those seem the best words to describe myself. I look at the world through a microscope and enjoy laughing while doing so. The stupidest things can both annoy and amuse you.

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