Advice from the Fashion (Wo)Man

One thing I like to think people can trust me with when they come to me is fashion advice.  Usually, my sisters, and a few of my friends.  They’ll ask me for my opinion about costumes for conventions, and my younger sister will usually ask me about what to wear to school dances and so on.  Makeup too.

Depending upon one’s age, dress accordingly.  Don’t be thirteen going on thirty, or sixty pretending to be twenty (I’ve seen that, and it’s given me nightmares).  My younger sister only just turned eighteen this year, so, she can stick to the skinny jeans and the cute tops.  Her face and skin tone don’t really seem to support dark eye shadow, so I recommend that she sticks with the light browns, beiges, and pinks.

At twenty-two, I have been transitioning into shorter skirts with heels, and tight, low-cut tops.  Only for outings at bars.  😉  Still haven’t had a lot of those that didn’t take place after I was getting off work.  It’s harder to carry all that fancy stuff in a small bag than it is to simply put it on and go.  And actually, it’s kind of funny that my mom will go shopping, find something that is really cute (on clearance or sale), and if it doesn’t fit her, she’ll give it to me.  Quite frequently, I find myself getting clothes that way.  Other times, it doesn’t work out and she has to return them.  I’ve gotten some pretty little tops from my mom’s penchant for clearance racks.

Now that autumn is here, I’ll start wearing my boots.  Tall boots when I’m feeling punky; and short, heeled ankle boots for a classier approach.  Shorter dresses are also catching my eye.  Hey!  If a girl is maybe going to a wedding in the next couple of months, one can never shop too early.

And on that note, it’s been real!

Author: aubreycass

I am an imaginative realist. Those seem the best words to describe myself. I look at the world through a microscope and enjoy laughing while doing so. The stupidest things can both annoy and amuse you.

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